Chris Pratt bumbles his way through a card trick – or does he?

August 23, 2017

Chris Pratt isn’t just the handsome and charismatic star of movie mega-hits like Guardians of the Galaxy. Turns out, the dude’s got a few tricks up his sleeve – or at least one, based on his performance on the Graham Norton show.

Norton mentions that Chris Pratt is a fan of magic and hands him a random deck of cards. Pratt then seems to stumble his way through a trick he claims “works 50% of the time.” An unamused Jennifer Lawrence looks on as chooses a card then shuffles the deck four times. The whole trick feels like it’s on the edge of bombing miserably, until… well, watch for yourself.

It’s a shame Chris Pratt makes so much money as an actor, because he’d probably make a killing as a magician.