Jamieleigh of Thrillusionist gives an update six months after her harrowing accident

September 18, 2017

David and Jamieleigh DaVinci (better known as Thrillusionist) have had a rough few months since Jamieleigh’s accident. For those unaware, Jamieleigh fell more than seven feet during a routine on a cruise liner six months ago, fracturing her wrist in the impact. She’s just given an update as to how her physical therapy is progressing in the video on Thrillusionist’s official Vimeo page

If you watch the video, you can see it’s going well, but the mobility in her left hand is severely diminished compared to her right. She can still perform handstands, though, thanks to the flexibility in her fingers. That said, she’s still having a hard time performing other tasks, like opening curtains, so David has had to tweak their act to accommodate her current strength and abilities.

Here’s hoping Jaimeleigh continues to heal as quickly and as painlessly as possible.