Harry Blackstone, Sr.’s previously-unseen collection of comics, props, photos and more up for auction October 25-27

September 26, 2017

Harry Blackstone, Sr. is synonymous with a certain vintage of magic. His expertise made him one of the preeminent performers of the early 1900s, appearing on stages across the country and even inspiring a series of comic books and radio shows portraying his (100% fictional) crime-fighting exploits. And on October 25-27, Potter & Potter Auctions will be selling a variety of relics from his personal collection, including items owned and worn by Blackstone himself, along with an assortment of antiques surrounding his career.

Here’s a bit of what you can expect from the description on the official auction page:

The auction features Blackstone memorabilia owned, used, and collected by the master, among them original oil paintings, show costumes, Blackstone’s famous Vanishing Birdcage (and other props), stone lithographs, photographs, correspondence and archival material, original cartoons and artwork, film footage and audio recordings of Blackstone and his troupe, and much more. Much of the material has been unseen for the last five decades. Complementing the Blackstone material will be objects related to the career of his son and successor, Harry Blackstone, Jr., as well as a selection of choice vintage magic posters, props, books, and ephemera.

Highlights from the listing include: a No. 1 issue of Super-Magic Comics signed by Blackstone, a modified set of handcuffs originally used by Harry Houdini that came into Blackstone’s possession, and the custom tailcoat and matching slacks and vest originally worn by Blackstone during his “1001 Wonders” show. 

Check out a full digital catalog here (or even order a physical copy to keep for yourself), and if you want to snag one of these goodies for your own collection, you can find out how to bid on any of these pieces on Potter & Potter Auctions’ official website.