Look inside the GeniiCon swag bag

October 5, 2017

First, it’s pretty classy that the swag bag is an actual canvas bag with the Genii logo embossed on it. 

Two decks of cards – a Bicycle one that’ll be used in a lecture on Friday, and the stunning Lies deck – and the Alluminati instructional video came courtesy of Penguin Magic. 

GeniiCon is five full days…so you’re going to need to stay hydrated and caffeinated. The coozy on the left will keep your water bottle nice and chill, and the mug is way better than the paper cups in your hotel room. (Water bottle not included. Jerks.)

Genii Magazine has been providing knowledge to the magic community since 1936, so of course it’s a major part of the GeniiCon welcome gift. Four different compilations full of tricks for viewing at your leisure. 

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, SNACKS! There’s so much to do at GeniiCon that it’s easy to go all day without taking time for food breaks, so the organizers thoughtfully provided attendees with enough nibbles to keep them going until the last lecture wraps. Ok, we confess: the cheddar popcorn didn’t make it past registration. 

We’re ready to hit the dealer’s room and enjoy a day full of discussions. Keep checking back for more reports from GeniiCon.