Jim Krenz talks ethics, burnout, and creativity on the Magical Thinking podcast

October 11, 2017

Chicago’s Jim Krenz sits down with Elliott Terral to talk for three full hours on the Art of Magic podcast, Magical Thinking. The conversation covers a broad range of topics, including advice for young magicians (“Resist the urge to put some search term into YouTube.”), not revealing secrets to laypeople, and how to handle burnout. 

Of particular interest to would-be creators is the discussion about how to be creative.  Even if you don’t think you’re overly creative or original, there are things you can do to help let your mind wander down paths that might lead to something truly innovative. You don’t even need to start from scratch, necessarily; start with a trick you really enjoy, then ponder how you might change it, tweak it, improve it. And don’t try to cram your musings into your daily commute. Give yourself the time and space you need to really focus on nothing but letting your brain do some work. 

It’s a great listen, especially if you’re just getting started in magic. You can find all of Magical Thinking on Art of Magic’s site or over on iTunes