Mat Franco tells Las Vegas Magazine about the importance of adaptation and reinvention

October 11, 2017

Mat Franco blew audiences away with his close-up magic when he won America’s Got Talent’s million-dollar grand prize back in 2014. Since then, he’s performed all over the world, returned to AGT as a guest performer, and even earned himself a residency at The LINQ Hotel and Casino in Vegas. Because he performs so often to different audiences—sometimes two or even three times in the same day—Franco often has to change his act on the fly. In an interview with Las Vegas Magazine, he explains why reinvention is the heart and soul of his stage show, Magic Reinvented Nightly.

“I’m always adapting, even from night to night. There’s even variance from the 7 to the 9:30 show,” Franco tells Las Vegas Magazine. “No two audiences are the same, so even in the same night, each show has its own personality. There is so much audience interaction involved.”

Changing and tweaking your act between individual shows is a daunting task, but it makes for more inventive and unpredictable performances. “It’s about building to a climax that feels strong enough so you feel like the trick is done, and wow, that’s great, and then taking it one step further,” Franco says. “That extra push is what makes it unforgettable for people.” 

Check out the full article for yourself at Las Vegas Magazine’s website (or in this month’s print issue). Or get tickets to see what Las Vegas Weekly calls the “best show” in town at the LINQ’s official event page.