Piff the Magic Dragon talks about chihuauas,  becoming American, and being funny on A Comic’s Tale

October 11, 2017

Piff the Magic Dragon covers a lot of ground in his quick half hour on Vinnie Brand’s A Comic’s Tale. There’s how Mr. Piffles came into his life (he’s a rescue/cheap labor), who inspired him to do magic (Penn & Teller), and where he is in his path to becoming an American (he’s up to doing a quiz). 

One of the more interesting things Piff discusses – besides the disappointing fact that England is very anti-dragon – is the unique challenge of being a comedian magician. . Comedians can workshop new jokes nightly, he explains, and if the crowd doesn’t respond well, the joke can just be tossed. Magic tricks, on the other hand, take months to refine and develop, so if the audience doesn’t respond, that’s a huge chunk of time wasted. Piff develops a new hour-long show every year, so finding the right blend of magic and jokes that wows every time is a pretty hefty undertaking. 

It’s a quick listen that’s full of Piff’s innate charm and humor, and further proof that everyone is obsessed with Mr. Piffles.