Final days to back the totally bonkers Lunatica Kickstarter

October 13, 2017

Someone please stop us from dumping far too much money on this Kickstarter from Thirdway Industries. Lunatica is a series of decks designed by Giovanni Meroni and printed by USPCC. They’re all a little bit out there and utterly glorious. 

The Equinox and Solstice decks will have unlimited printings and should be easy enough to snag after the Kickstarter closes, but if you’re interested in the limited edition Phoenix and Chimera decks, you may want to pledge. Chimera has the same cards as Equiniox and Phoenix is a match for Solstice – the difference is the limited cards have foil backs and custom seals on the box. 

The Lunatica series uses neon inks and man, has the King of Hearts seen some shit. 

Reward levels with multiple decks are nearly sold out, so get a move on if you want some crazy in your card collection.