UPDATE: Pre-orders closed for Chris Ramsay’s first independently-produced deck of cards, now in pre-production

October 16, 2017

UPDATE 10/16/2017:

Pre-orders for Chris Ramsay’s first independently produced deck of cards are officially closed as of today. In a quick YouTube video (which you can watch below), Ramsay detailed where the cards currently are in the production process. Right now, the cards are in pre-production, and Chris should be receiving digital and physical proofs of the cards shortly. He hopes to get shipments out by Christmas, but generally expects a six-to-eight week production time on them. He’ll also be hanging out at a pop-up shop in San Diego hosted by Dan & Dave and Art of Play on November 11, if you would like to meet him while he films some of his card tricks.

Original Story:

Famed cardist and YouTube star Chris Ramsay has partnered with other production companies to create stunning playing cards, including his noted Memento Mori deck through Murphy’s Magic. Now, Ramsay strikes out on his own with his first-ever independently-produced and incredibly limited run of playing cards, appropriately called ‘1st’.

The name is equally inspired by the fact that this is his first independent production as well as the unwritten internet rule that the first commenter on any page (his included) must declare that they are “FIRST”. In that spirit, Ramsay has crafted a striking deck with a modern, minimalist approach, which includes gold foil markings on the edges and the Ace of Spades, and unique Joker designs.

Instead of promoting this project on Kickstarter (which would jack up the price of each individual deck by about $5, thanks to processing fees), Ramsay has opted to run a pre-order campaign through his website. There, you can purchase individual decks for $15 (plus shipping), though customers who order a brick of 12 will have one deck hand-signed by Ramsay himself.

If you’re interested in picking up a deck for yourself or your shop, be sure to act fast: Ramsay is only taking pre-orders for 15 days, which puts the end of this sale at October 15. There will be no reprints, and only the orders purchased during this 15 day window will be manufactured.