Tam Shepherd’s Trick Shop is Glasgow’s favorite business

October 16, 2017

It’s a sad fact that the local magic shop is largely a thing of the past, which is perhaps why Tam Shepherd’s Trick Shop – in business for 131 years – was named Glasgow’s Favorite Business for 2017. The shop beat out fellow nominees Glasgow Film Theatre, Scotia Bar, iolla eyewear and Tantrum Doughnuts, much to the delight of the Walton family, who’s run the shop for the past 75 years.

Sarah Cameron, who works in the shop with mum, dad, and sister Julia, explained the shop’s appeal: 

“We get so many people coming in to look at all the jokes, novelties and magic tricks that have been here for a very long time, and we are also fortunate in that we get newer generations coming in, too. Children are really into their technology but this sort of shop is something really different for them. The shop hasn’t changed dramatically in its 130 years. There aren’t many shops left like this one, where you have to have a really good look at everything. You’ll get grandparents coming in here with their grandchildren and telling them, ‘I used to come in here with my dad’ and they’re amazed that we are still going strong”.

Congratulations, Tam Shepherd’s, and here’s to another 131 years of bringing a little magic to the people of Scotland!