Uusi named as 52 Plus Joker’s very first Artist of the Year

October 16, 2017

52 Cards Plus Joker handed out the inaugural round of Diamond Awards at their convention this past weekend. Uusi took home the honor of Artist of the Year for the Pagan Blue deck – and it’s pretty easy to see why. The mythology-inspired cards are gorgeous: “an ode to the epic and yet, everyday reality of life and death all wrapped up in one very handsome, and fun to play with deck!” We’re particularly fond of the diptich featuring wolves Geri and Freki. 

Uusi’s Pagan Blue didn’t win Deck of the Year, however; that honor went to Lotrek’s Golden Oath, and with good reason. Every single color on the cards, front and back, is foil. Not a single drop of ink was used, a remarkable technical achievement and a first for the industry. 

Congratulations to all!