Eugene Burger’s final book ‘Teaching Magic’ arrives October 23

October 17, 2017

Eugene Burger’s legacy doesn’t just include a lifetime of masterfully-performed magic and mentalism. Burger was also a philosopher and educator, instructing students at the McBride Magic & Mystery School about the art of magic and performance as well as teaching university courses on comparative religion. Before his untimely passing in August, Burger was working on a project that combined both of his passions, and on October 23 his book Teaching Magic: A Book for Students and Teachers of the Art will be released to the public.

Co-written by Eugene Burger and Lawrence Hass, Ph.D., this 182 page hardcover book explores Burger’s philosophy of creation, performance, and instruction, imparting valuable advice on how to elevate one’s routine to the next level. From the publisher description:

From the beginning of his illustrious career, Eugene Burger has demonstrated that performing magic is different than presenting a trick or a puzzle. It requires that we genuinely astonish people with an experience of the impossible.

But how can we learn to perform magic that meets this high standard? Who can teach us how to do so?

In this book for students and teachers of magic, master magician Eugene Burger explores the path for learning how to perform magic that has exceptional impact for our audiences.

The book also includes instructions for seven previously-unpublished routines, as well as access to videos of Burger performing five of them.

Teaching Magic: A Book for Students and Teachers of the Art will be available on October 23 for $39.95. It is currently available for pre-order now from Vanishing Inc., Murphy’s Magic, or direct from the publisher at Theory of Art and Magic Press.