Steven Bridges swallows a needle and it’s as disturbing to watch as it sounds

November 2, 2017

It’s always a good sign when a magic video opens with a giant warning label, right? Seriously: don’t try this trick at home, and don’t watch the video above if you hate needles—because Steven Bridges swallows one and then pulls it out of his throat with a bit of thread.

Fun fact: apparently Steven wanted to post this last year for Halloween but couldn’t because he didn’t feel safe performing the trick:

Now, I’ve seen razor blade swallows before and they’re always disturbing, but there’s something terrifying about watching someone ingest a thin, pointed needle that just… ugh. Nope. Don’t want to think about it anymore. Enjoy the video, if you can stomach it.

And I’m going to repeat this because I can’t stress it enough, don’t try this at home.