The Outlaws Vault contains two decks of gorgeous, premium playing cards—you just have to figure out how to open it

November 9, 2017

UPDATE: The $50-off presale pricing on the new Outlaws Vault is scheduled to end Saturday at midnight… so you’ve got just over 48 hours if you want in on that. Tick, tock, people!

Scam Stuff has been making tricky, hand-crafted puzzle boxes for years, and this one might be their most diabolical yet.

Made of ornate raintree wood, the Outlaws Vault is designed to vex and confound even the most clever of puzzle-solvers. The box itself is covered in symbols and secret codes etched into the box, along with two combination dials on its side. There’s even a little story built into to the puzzle box that you’ll follow along with as you solve it. But be careful—the box has actually been designed to become harder to unlock if you fiddle with it too much.

Once you actually solve the box, you’ll be treated with your reward: Outlaws Crimson, an all-new deck from Scam Stuff. It’s a special, red-colored variant on the original Outlaws deck (which is also included inside the box). People who figure out how to open the box will also receive an exclusive numbered token, which not only signifies you as a member of an elite club of master logicians—if you flash your token at Brian Brushwood in the wild, he’ll buy you a drink on the spot.

The Outlaws Vault normally retails for $149.99, but Scam Stuff is currently hosting a special pre-order price of $99.99, with an expected ship date of November 24—which means it should arrive just in time for the holidays. Scam Stuff is expecting them to sell out, however, and they will be shipped on a first come, first served basis. You can also try your hand at winning one of five boxes being given away. Of course, if you just want the cards, you can buy either the original or Crimson variant by themselves for $9.99.