Weekly Puzzle Solution: Fish and Whiskey

November 14, 2017

Welcome to GeniiOnline’s Weekly Puzzle, powered by Art of Play! We’ll bring you a new puzzle every Monday, then publish the solution on Tuesday.

In case you missed the puzzle yesterday, here it is again: 

Tom finds himself at a speed dating event. There are several tables arranged in a row. Each table is a different color and has one woman sitting behind it. Each of the women has a different name, a different job, a different kind of pet and a different kind of drink. Here are the facts:

1. There are five tables.

2. The nurse is sitting at the red table.

3. The rocket scientist owns a snake.

4. There’s a glass of tequila on the green table.

5. The lawyer drinks gin.

6. The green table is next to pink table.

7. Tanya has a hamster.

8. Donna is sitting at the yellow table.

9. There is a glass of wine on the middle table.

10. The doctor is sitting at the first table.

11. Gail is sitting next to the dog owner.

12. Donna is sitting next to the cat owner.

13. Laura drinks beer.

14. The chef is named Beth.

15. The doctor is sitting next to the blue table.

Which woman owns a fish and which woman drinks whiskey?

Answer: Beth owns a fish. Donna drinks whiskey.