Olympia, WA Children’s Museum to host adult-only magic and illusion-themed soiree this Friday

November 16, 2017

Friday night’s coming up, which means it’s time to send the kids off to the sitter, put on your fanciest clothes, and spend a night out at the… *squints* Children’s Museum? Hey, why not?

The Hands On Children’s Museum in Olympia, Washington regularly hosts an Adult Swim event on Fridays, where the museum transitions from a playground of learning for youngsters into a 21+ only destination. And this Friday, the museum is putting on a special Illusions: The Science of the Senses event, complete with local award-winning magician Rick Anderson performing for guests.

On November 17, event-goers will be treated to an evening of head games and cocktails; interestingly enough, the museum remains mostly unchanged from its normal operation, other than the alcohol of course. There’s an escape room designed around sound, a silk screen press for creating optical illusions, a taste-testing challenge, and other experiments and exhibits to mess with. And of course, a magician will be on hand to delight and dazzle you while you explore, and a local DJ will be spinning tunes as well.

Tickets are available now for $20, or $25 the day of the event, and includes a gourmet cupcake, coffee, and one ticket for a signature fizzy drink. More information, including how to buy tickets and what other attractions are in store, is available at the museum’s official site.