Shin Lim unboxes his upcoming Regalia deck, reportedly able to instantly transform you into a “level 65 warlock”

November 17, 2017

Shin Lim posted up an unboxing video on YouTube for his upcoming Regalia deck, produced by Cartamundi and available for release in the near future. In addition to its lovely Russian-inspired art design and fancy slide-out case, the deck will feature, according to Shin Lim:

  • A titanium case (?)
  • The ability to instantly transform into a level 65 warlock (???)
  • 300 pounds of gold melted down by Hobbits in the Mountains of Mordor and pressed into each deck of cards, for a value of over $5 billion (?????????????????)

Ok, so none of that sounds real, but we’ll just have to take his word for it. 

Jokes aside, Shin Lim also put the deck through its paces with a variety of cardistry techniques, showing how the gold foil won’t impede fanning, Faro shuffling, or other important moves.

Shin Lim mentions that the price will be around $13, though there’s currently no pre-order page available. Even so, you can win one for yourself before it’s available to the public by checking out the Instagram post below: