New Zealand’s newest magic teacher is just 12 years old

November 25, 2017

Who better to teach the next generation of magician than a fellow youngster? Twelve-year-old Kid Dynamo is teaching weekly classes at a public library in New Zealand’s Manawatū district. He wants to help grow his local magic scene and is already working to keep his students engaged with new skills.

When he isn’t performing, the young magician is known to the world as Caleb Wilson. He said that his dream is to be an entertainer once he’s an adult, following in the steps of his inspiration Steven Frayne, who goes by stage name Dynamo. Wilson’s repertoire is mostly in card tricks, but he’s found himself already drawn to the thrill of performance at a young age. 

“I do it to wow people and see their reactions,” he told Stuff. “I’m proud of myself that I’m doing something that makes people want to talk to me.”