Magical Bones shares thoughts about practice (and impressing Madonna)

November 28, 2017

Many performers draw on outside talents to make their magic acts stand out. Magical Bones is one such magician, blending his tricks with break-dancing. Although his entertainment career began working alongside music artists such as Madonna and Alicia Keys, he’s now one of the top-billed performers in the travelling magic show Impossible.

He spoke with InterAksyon about his work and the tour, which is currently in the Philippines. It’s no surprise that the multi-talented performer has high standards for himself and his profession.

“It’s all about practice, hard work and dedication,” he said. “And maybe hours of staying in front of the mirror making sure you’ve got the slide and deck of the cards right, and things like that.”

Bones also gave his own take on the distinction between mastering a specific card trick and the broader idea of magic.

“The word ‘magic’ for us is the feeling of astonishment, giving people a feeling of wonder and amazement,” he said. “So as a magician, whenever you get people to feel amazed, that feeling they get, you also get from providing that. A sense of joy when I show you a trick and then, ‘wow!’ I’m happy for you just as you’re happy to see the trick.”