For upcoming Masters of Illusion Christmas special, Michael Grandinetti wanted to create magic that didn’t “just look like Christmas”

December 1, 2017

Masters of Illusion is sending off 2017 in holiday style with its upcoming Christmas Magic special. And in an interview with Fansided, regular performer Michael Grandinetti talked about the process of crafting magic for this special, and how he wanted to create tricks that were more than just the same old standbys with a Christmas twist.

From the interview:

“They came to several magicians on the show, myself included, and said, ‘What can we do to create some magic that doesn’t just look like Christmas?’

“We’re not going to take a big red ribbon and put it on a prop and say it’s a Christmas prop. But what can we do to actually make the magic itself convey the message and the story and feel of the holidays?”

Grandinetti is obviously playing coy with details—it would ruin the surprise after all—but he thinks they’ve pulled it off. “We created several ideas for the show which hopefully created just that,” he told Fansided. “Marrying magic and illusion with the feeling of Christmas.”

Masters of Illusion: Christmas Magic airs tonight on the CW at 9pm Eastern via on-air TV, the CW app, or For more from the interview with Grandinetti, including what Masters of Illusion fans can expect in 2018, check out the rest of the interview over at Fansided.