GeniiOnline loved Richard Turner documentary Dealt. We’re not the only ones.

December 1, 2017

Card mechanic Richard Turner is a fascinating individual, and the documentary Dealt tells his story. GeniiOnline already has our own review up, but several other publications have also had reviewers check out the movie. The tl;dr of these reviews: Dealt is dang good.

“Throughout ‘Dealt,’ however, director Luke Korem offers a more prosaic but no less remarkable explanation for Turner’s status as the Daredevil of card mechanics: sheer force of will.” – Variety

“Blind magician triumphs with the hand he’s been ‘Dealt’.” – Los Angeles Times

“Card technician Richard Turner’s skills would be astonishing for a person with no disability, and they supply the film with some thrilling moments.” – The Hollywood Reporter

“Mr. Korem keeps a reverent distance from his subject, as if not to spoil the magic.” – The New York Times

“Director Luke Korem could have made a film about card tricks — and there are some good ones here — but instead opted for a multilayered character study that proves quite moving.” – San Francisco Chronicle

You can find tickets and showing information on Dealt’s website. Or if you prefer the comfort of your own couch, it’s also available from several online platforms including iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, and Amazon.