Surprise your loved ones with a mystery deck of cards from Dan & Dave

December 1, 2017

Everyone likes a nice surprise—well, at least as far as Christmas presents are concerned, anyway. Dan & Dave is more than willing to oblige with its Mystery Deck, available now while supplies last.

Each Mystery Deck is wrapped and sealed with wax, and contains one pack of cards chosen at random. The Mystery Deck costs $12, and its contents are guaranteed to retail for at least that much—but if you’re lucky, the deck of cards you find inside could be worth much more. Dan & Dave have been crafting exclusive cards and hunting down out-of-print decks to use for their Mystery Deck, so you could wind up with any sort of unique or rare treasure.

Dan & Dave doesn’t list which decks are potentially a part of the random pool chosen for the Mystery Deck, though a few images down near the bottom of the store page show off a few. We won’t list them here to avoid spoiling the surprise, but we won’t blame you if curiosity gets the better of you.