This gadget fooled Penn & Teller. Now you can use it too.

December 4, 2017

J.C. Rodarte was disqualified from the FISM competition two decades ago because the judges thought he was using a stooge. Now, he’s gone public with exactly how he pulled off a trick so good it seemed like he was cheating, and the tool is impressive enough to net a win on Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

It’s a tool of Rodarte’s own creation that he’s now planning to sell as Clone. If the promo video (and the many shocked viewers) are to be believed, Clone can perfectly duplicate any signature onto a wide range of objects, from dollar bills to playing cards. 

Rodarte’s not the only one to boggle even the pros with his invention. Here’s Adam Wilber using it in his winning trick on the season 4 finale of Fool Us:

For any of you season 5 hopefuls, be warned: the skeptical duo are probably onto the Clone approach now.

Clone is available for pre-order from Ellusionist with a price tag of $147. Shipments are expected to start around December 6.