17-year-old Arizona magician travelling to Ukraine to perform for charity

December 6, 2017

Here’s a story full of holiday goodwill: according to the Eastern Arizona Courier, 17-year-old Sam Siminoe will be travelling to Ukraine on December 26 for a week to perform at orphanages and other local charity spots.

His trip is part of the Foreign Angels Charities, which helps orphans and other children in need in Ukraine, Philippines, and Honduras. Siminoe will be performing 20 different shows in Ukraine—about two-to-three a day—as a way to entertain the children as well as perform cultural outreach.

“This will be like nothing I’ve ever done before,” Sam told the Courier. “I want to bring these people some enjoyment, some levity. Magic is for everybody, everywhere.”

Magic is a powerful tool for bringing hope and joy to people’s lives, and good on Sam for taking on this special challenge. If you want to check out some of his act, you can visit Sam Siminoe’s YouTube channel, or watch the video embedded below.