Hide this gaff deck in plain sight by using the most potent magic in the world: kittens

December 6, 2017

It’s safe to say that when it comes to card tricks, laypeople 1) expect to see a magician using a Bicycle deck, and 2) immediately assume the deck is rigged somehow. Take advantage of those expectations with the Kittens deck from Daniel Madison, a gaff deck bedecked in pink frippery and fetching felines. “It looks like I just picked it up from my nan’s house,” says Daniel Madison of his Kittens deck and he’s not wrong. It looks like just about the last thing a cool magician would use by choice – the perfect secret weapon when it comes to pulling a fast one on your audience. From the description over at Ellusionist:

This deck allows you to open with the ultimate ice-breaker (a hilariously bad ‘cat’ deck), but close with the power of 10,000 panthers riding unicorns through your spectators head.

Panthers riding unicorns. That’s gotta be worth $8.95.

Buy the Kittens deck (right meow) from Ellusionist. Actual kitty not included.