“If you think it’s good, other people will think it’s good” and other insights from one of the hottest new card designers

December 7, 2017

Luke Dancy of Murphy’s Magic interviewed David Koehler, the designer of a popular playing card deck called Wonder. The pair talked about the development of the Wonder deck (from its humble beginnings as a school project) to how the moves of cardistry inspired the design, even though Koehler admitted he’s not a particularly gifted performer in that field.

Given how many magicians may also dabble in other creative fields, there’s a lot of curiosity about how one goes about getting their own card designs made. For you aspiring artists, Koehler shared a bit of wisdom about letting your work reach a conclusion.

“Once you do design it, just realize that if you think it’s good, other people will think it’s good,” he advised.

Any creator knows that feeling, the worry that whatever you’re making can still be better. It’s true of card designers and it’s true of composing a card trick. Check out the whole interview on YouTube for your daily dose of artistic inspiration.