Magician’s Masterclass will soon be in session, and the legendary Michael Close can be your teacher

December 7, 2017

Michael Close knows a thing or two about magic. He’s one of the two consultants on Penn & Teller: Fool Us, a respected author, and a 50-year veteran of conjuring performance. Now he’s creating a platform to share what he knows.

He’s launched a website dubbed Magician’s Masterclass. The website offers videos, podcasts, ideas, and other forms of mentorship for people who want to learn about magic. Promising a “front row seat into the minds of masters” and “a place where magicians help magicians,” the site is a new option for performers who want to up their game.

Access to Magician’s Masterclass requires a free membership. The first class is slated to start in December 2017, and the trailer above from Close gives a little more background about what to expect.