New deck design from Toomas Pintson will leave you feeling fresh and Superfly

December 8, 2017

Designer and cardistry pro Toomas Pintson isn’t slowing down as 2017 winds to a close. In fact, he’s back in business with his seventh deck design this year. As he told Kardify, he stays active to continue pushing his own vision for cards.

“I try to put out as many different decks as possible and push the deck designs in different direction compared to what other companies do,” he said.

The card backs are a bold red and white staggered diamond pattern. Pintson drew his visual inspiration from streetwear culture.

“I mixed different patterns together and used bold fat lettering to get the look,” he explained. “It’s supposed to look a bit random but the design looks and feels good in the hand when doing the packed cutting.”

Superfly is available from Pintson’s Gemini Decks brand.