India’s magicians join forces in a push for government recognition

December 12, 2017

Magicians in India are making a push for the government to recognize magic as an art form. The Association of Illusionists and Magicians is hosting a convention on December 15 to discuss how they can mobilize more interest and support for their work. Atul Patil, president of AIM, spoke to The Hindu about the group’s goals.

“We have collectively decided to protect and popularise this art. This convention will seek to find ways not only to boost this art, but also to work for the welfare of illusionists and magicians across the world,” he told the publication. “There are two quick ways to make magicians popular again: accord magic the status of an art form, and reduce entertainment tax on shows.”

More than 250 magicians are expected to attend. The convention will also have magic shows and performances that are open to the general public, in addition to lectures on magic.