Think you can outsmart Penn & Teller? Fool Us is now casting for its fifth season

December 12, 2017

The fourth season of Penn & Teller: Fool Us just wrapped up at the start of the month, but that doesn’t mean the show is taking a break. Shawn Farquhar, who you might remember as a two-time successful fooler, shared a note from the Fool Us executive producers on Facebook with some information about casting for season 5.

According to the post, the CW has indeed ordered a new season. That means chances for more magicians to get lots of eyes on their best work.

“As always, our goal is to feature the best and brightest in the magic world, and as such, we’d like to respectfully invite you to submit a recording of a trick you perform that you believe would be good for our show,” Executive Producers Lincoln Hiatt, Andrew Golder, and Pete Golden said. “Highly original presentations and original tricks of all kinds are appreciated.”

The tape dates are March 7-9 and March 12-15 in Las Vegas. Think you’ve got what it takes? Check out the Facebook post for the full information, then send your recording to Good luck!