Get smart with the brain teasing breakdowns of Mr. Puzzle

December 13, 2017

Whether you’re on stage or in the audience, magic often calls on our critical thinking skills. As a performer, you have to consider the best ways to present each stage of a trick, and how your viewers should best experience your actions. As an audience member, maybe you want to figure out how in the heck that ring levitated or that card just appeared at the top of the deck. For those of us who want a little guidance in building those problem-solving skills, there’s a YouTube channel to help you along.

It’s called Mr.Puzzle. The German host reviews all kinds of brain teasers and skill games, all with a bent toward taking a logical approach to finding solutions. The videos will usually have a clear spoiler notice if or when he is going to delve into the actual solution to a puzzle.

One of the latest videos is about the Revomaze puzzle. First off, the puzzle is a devious one; even the easiest version has an estimated solving time of five hours. It demands lots of trial and error, and Mr.Puzzle offers some suggestions for how to tackle the challenge in a focused and efficient way. It’s great insight for puzzle aficionados.