See the classic tablecloth pull in a strange, hilarious new light

December 17, 2017

For most stage shows, the routine of pulling a cloth off a table has a long and established history. The table is usually set with decadent crystal wine glasses and expensive porcelain place settings. The thrill for viewers is the possibility, should the trick go wrong, of watching all those luxury items shatter to the ground in a massive cacophony. Uekusa Kazuhisa has taken a decidedly different approach for building anticipation with his act, and it’s gotten him to the semi-finals of Georgia’s Got Talent.

The 29-year-old Kazuhisa dubs his act “A Little Red Magic Tablecloth.” The basic principle is always the same. He lies down nude, with a strategically placed red cloth underneath a teacup and saucer. He then uses all sorts of tools, toys, and contraptions to do the tablecloth pull and leave the saucer just protecting his modesty.

He’s filmed loads of videos on Twitter with variants on this theme. But now Kazuhisa is getting a little more elaborate with the stage presentation for Georgia’s Got Talent. Check out the entire performance from the show above.

We know. We’re at a loss for words too.