David Copperfield to share historical artifacts from his personal collection every Wednesday on Twitter

December 21, 2017

David Copperfield has been on a buying spree lately, using his status as the highest-paid magician in the industry to purchase up artifacts from the history of magic (like Harry Houdini’s bookcase) in order to preserve their legacy. 

Rather than just hide them away in his house for his own personal amusement, he’s taken to Twitter to announce that he plans on sharing pieces from his collection every Wednesday with the hashtag #WednesdayWonders.

Copperfield has given glimpses of his collection before, but this would be the first, real in-depth look individual pieces of a collection full of an entire generation of magic history, and the closest thing to getting an in-person, hands-on tour. 

You can follow David Copperfield on Twitter via his handle @D_Copperfield, and if you have any suggestions or requests for what he should show off, you can let him know by responding to the tweet posted above.