Fibonacci-inspired deck beautifully blends math with cardistry

December 22, 2017

Magic and math have some shared lineage, so it makes sense that a new desk design honors that connection. Fibs from the Las Vegas Cardistry Co. has already surpassed its Kickstarter goal for a limited edition print of a deck inspired by the Fibonacci Sequence. Kardify caught up with company head Ryan Cossey for a brief interview.

In addition to sharing how his fascination with the patterns and rules of mathematics provided inspiration for the Fibs design, Cossey shared his insights about the importance of social media in the cardistry community:

Social media has definitely been the bloodline of Cardistry. The ability to instantly share, collaborate, and interact with the community is a necessity for a growing art form, especially one like Cardistry. Not many Cardists are local enough to each other for meet-ups, and Cardistry is best presented in short clips, so naturally, Instagram takes the foreground.

Check out the whole interview here, or reserve yourself one of the 1,123 decks of the run with a Kickstarter pledge.