Weekly Puzzle Solution: Which way did they go?

December 26, 2017

Welcome to GeniiOnline’s Weekly Puzzle, powered by Art of Play! We’ll bring you a new puzzle every Monday, then publish the solution on Tuesday.

Here’s the puzzle again if you missed it yesterday:  

Each set of tracks below was made by a different bicycle. Which direction was each bicycle traveling—to the right or to the left?


Both went left. We are able to determine that because the fore wheel of a bicycle oscillates more than the rear one. To determine the direction, choose some points in the rear wheel’s trajectory and draw the tangents in those points. The distance between the forward and the back wheel is constant, so you just have to find out which of the segments determined by the tangent and the intersection with the other curve have the same length.

Come back next Monday for a new puzzle! And if you missed last week’s brainteaser, check it out here.