52kards Academy offering free course ‘The Complete Guide to Playing Cards’

January 2, 2018

52kards already has a robust presence on YouTube, offering free card-based tutorials for a variety of skill levels. Back in October, however, it launched its 52kards Academy, aimed at “more dedicated students who really want to invest in their craft and take it to the next level.” As opposed to the one-off videos on the YouTube channel, the Academy offers “a collection of complete online courses teaching a variety of different styles of magic for different skill levels.” 

As one might expect for something that in depth, Academy lessons come with a price tag, but if you’d like to get a feel for what you could expect for your investment, The Complete Guide to Playing Cards class is completely free of charge. Enter your email and a password and in a few seconds, you’re ready to view your first video. 

The course covers basics like how to break in a deck, one-way designs versus two-way designs, and even humidity and moisture control. It’s an excellent introduction for anyone new to card magic, cardistry, or general card collecting, but if you’re a more advanced student, it’s also a good introduction to the Academy’s overall format. The lessons are clearly laid out in a menu on the left, and you can skip through them as you see fit, as opposed to being forced to slog through topics you already know well. 

The Tutorial library is also free, so you can get a better idea of what subjects the Academy covers. Check out 52kards Academy and maybe start your new year with some new knowledge.