Ekaterina reviews her card collection – and offers to give some of it to you

January 2, 2018

If you do magic, you tend to end up with piles of playing cards everywhere in your house. When your speciality is cardistry, it’s even worse, as Ekaterina discusses in the above video. Pretty much everyone who’s anyone in the card world has sent her a deck or three, and she’s picked up a bunch of decks herself along the way. In this video, she goes through each deck, talking about the look and feel, to let you know if that particular deck would suit your purposes. Some are too thick for fanning, some are ideal for throwing, and others are just plain pretty. (I confess I share Ekat’s penchant for colorful decks.) 

Thing is, though Ekaterina uses decks for cardistry and magic, she doesn’t actually collect them, so she’s happy to part with the bulk of her inventory – and some of it is fairly rare. Of particular interest are the sealed Gold Arcane and Red Artifice decks, though Dan and Dave fans might prefer the deck festooned with their autographs. Skip to around the 12:00 mark to see a fast rundown of the bigger-ticket items up for giveaway, but the entire video is a nice overview of different decks, stocks, hand feels, and designs.   

Oh, and what do you have to do to partake of Ekaterina’s largesse? Just give her a shout.