Los Angeles now officially has a Magic Castle Day

January 3, 2018

The Magic Castle already has a reputation of global renown among those who practice the craft (and those laypeople lucky enough to have visited). Now the performance venue and clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts is getting some well-deserved hometown recognition. Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that January 2 shall henceforth be Magic Castle Day in Los Angeles.

The special designation is in celebration of the Magic Castle’s 55th anniversary. Garcetti gave a speech at the historic site, and shared some photos to Twitter afterward. In the tweets, he dubbed it a place “where the impossible is made possible, where miracles happen and dreams come alive.”

He’s not wrong. The Magic Castle has been acknowledged as a premiere destination to see magic in Los Angeles and in the world for years now. You can check here each week to see who’s performing at the one-of-a-kind venue. If you’d like to learn more about the Magic Castle’s history, check out our interview with Milt Larsen about how he used a bunch of junk to give the house its distinctive look.