Can you solve Art of Play’s most popular puzzles of 2017?

January 4, 2018

One of the really great things about puzzles is that different kinds appeal to different minds. What’s unsolvable to you is child’s play to your sister, and vice versa. Art of Play’s most popular puzzles of 2017 run the gamut of the seemingly simple to the covertly complex, and offer the kind of variety that ensures you’ll be able to solve at least one of them – but can you solve all of them? Let’s go through the list. 

5. Red Goose

“Help the goose escape the noose!” Who the heck is stringing up a goose, is what I’d like to know. The object here is simple: slip the cord off the poor bird’s neck without untying the knot. 

Buy Red Goose ($12)

4. Half H

Arrange seven pieces of wood to form a capital H. Simple. A child could do it. Oh, I seem to have this extra piece here. Let me just….oh. Hmm.

Buy Half H ($14)

3. Dice Puzzle Box

According to its creator, Akio Kamei, this walnut masterpiece can’t be opened “if you don’t enjoy humor.” Perhaps that means a rubber chicken awaits you when you finally open it. If you consider that challenge accepted, you may want to snag this box straightaway, as it’s available in limited quantities.

Buy Dice Puzzle Box ($155)

2. Ring and Spring 

I am giving this one some serious side-eye. It looks way too simple: just get the ring off the spring and back on again. Art of Play describes it as “a great demonstration puzzle with a satisfying solution.” Assuming you can find the solution, that is.

Buy Ring and Spring ($14)


This small and elegant puzzle tops Art of Play’s list of most popular puzzles of last year, and it’s easy to see why. An intriguing design, very reasonable price point, and description that’s one big taunt: “Be forewarned, this is one of the most challenging mechanical puzzles in our collection and this compass does not come with directions. Solving it will take patience and creativity.”

Buy NEWS ($14)

There you have it. For a little over $200, you can treat your brain to an intense workout. Are you up to it?