Joshua Jay drops the knowledge on what audiences think at Magic Live 2017

January 4, 2018

Today we’ve got two updates from the team behind Magic Live. First off: If you want to attend the event this August but have been twiddling your thumbs rather than registering, you might want to reconsider your behavior. As of the final days of December, the event is 81% sold out. The Magic Live convention is happening at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, on August 5-8. Chop chop!

Never been to Magic Live? The event has been offering potential newcomers a sneak peak at what the convention is all about by posting videos of its General Session talks. The third was recently published, and it’s a good one.

Joshua Jay helped the College of New Jersey to survey audiences about their opinions of magic and magicians. The answers he shares in this interview with Jonathan Levit can help performers finesse their volunteer selection, make their card tricks more memorable, and generally improve their understanding of what’s going on in the audience’s heads. It’s valuable insight and an example of what Magic Live has to offer.