The Zubricks win “Best Family Magic Show” Merlin Award

January 4, 2018

Chris and Ryan Zubrick – the duo making up the appropriately named Zubrick Magic Show at the SandCastle dinner theater in Guam – have been named the Best Family Magic Show by the International Magician’s Society. IMS Chairman and CEO Toni Hassini was naturally on hand to present the duo with their Merlins, saying “We look for originality. We look for showmanship and above all we look for magicians who can perform under any circumstances. And for the first time we are presenting the Merlin Award on Guam and to very fine and very talented two magicians, [The] Zubricks,”

Chris and Ryan met back in Michigan when they were both young magicians honing their craft. They met when they were accidentally both booked for the same gig, and rather than roshambo to figure out who got to perform, they decided to team up and do an act together. They’ve been the Zubricks ever since.

Being named as Best Family Show means a lot to the Chris and Ryan, who recently added to their own family. “Ryan and I recently became fathers. Our six-month-old son, Oliver, is a great joy and we understand now more than ever how important it is to spend time as a family,” said Chris. 

This is the first time a magic show that has been completely produced and presented on Guam has received international recognition. The Zubricks headline the SandCastle’s dinner show five nights a week.