Thirdway’s distinctive Delirium deck rises again as Insomnia and Ascension

January 4, 2018

Here at GeniiOnline, we have a thing for unusual card decks. Nothing wrong with a solid Bee or Bicycle deck, of course, but we appreciate the decks that are a bit…out there. And nobody does out there better than Thirdway. We told you before about the Kickstarter for Thirdway’s Lunatica deck, but now Kardify has revealed that Thirdway is also rereleasing its Delirium deck, with a few new tweaks.

Delirium Prism was released way back in 2014, and is being reimagined in two new decks, Delirium Insomnia and Delirium Ascension. Deck designer Giovanni Meroni said the new designs will be more than just a a color swap: “there are different tuck boxes, backs, jokers and new design elements on every card.” Both decks will be printed by the US Playing Card Company.

The unofficial launch date for the revitalized Delirium decks is January 12, but to stay up to date, subscribe to Thirdway’s newsletter or follow them on Facebook