What is the best magic trick of all time? James Galea is determined to find out

January 4, 2018

We’re in that time of year when people are intently focused on ranking and rating. The retrospectives summarizing the highs and lows of the recently ended year are usually a fascinating read, whether they focus on magic or the entertainment world at large. But one ambitious magician has spent his energies looking not just for the best trick of the last twelve months, but the best trick ever.

Yes, that is the nigh-impossible task that James Galea has set himself. Or at least, it is the title of the show he hosts on the Australian Broadcast Channel. Several clips from the program have been migrating onto Galea’s YouTube channel over the past few months, and they offer a glorious look at some of the most talented, innovative, and mind-blowing performers in the business.

The musically-inclined will appreciate this act, where Galea does a card trick while also playing the piano. If you’ve noticed that magicians tend to be a little, well, odd, Galea interviewed Blake Vogt and got a solid answer as to why. And Galea gets his own awkward situation on in this trick involving a stranger’s phone and the ocean.

And the illicitly inclined will be fascinated by his interview with notorious card shark Doc:

Aussie viewers may still be able to watch the episodes online, but for the rest of us, we’ll be eagerly awaiting new uploads from Galea.