Adam London has a philanthropic plan for 2018 that’s just ducky

January 5, 2018

Adam London is making a new year’s resolution that I think we all can get behind. It’s a special year-long celebration that the comedy magician has cheekily named “I Give a Duck.” For one show each month in 2018, all proceeds will go to a different local charity. The first date is January 13, which is also National Rubber Ducky Day, and the charity of choice is the Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation.

London’s show is “Laughternoon,” an all-ages event that marks five years at the D Las Vegas this month. Many of his chosen charities for “I Give a Duck” are focused on kids, including the Children’s Heart Foundation in February and the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth in November.

“The goal behind this campaign is to position the entire year of 2018 as a triumphant merge between Las Vegas’ entertainment and philanthropic industry,” London told “Our campaign is meant to say thank you to the community in the best way that we knew how.”

Good on you, London. Keep quacking on!