Mike Boyd teaches Chris Ramsay (and you) how to stack dice

January 8, 2018

Stacking dice looks impossible. I mean, you’re taking these bouncy plastic cubes, grabbing them with a cup with a flick of the wrist, and bring them down on the table in a perfect column. But like most things magical, anyone can do it; it just takes lots and lots of practice. 

Mike Boyd is the host of Learn Quick, a popular YouTube channel where he sets out to learn how to perform a wide array of tasks in as little time as possible. This week, he partnered up with magician Chris Ramsay to teach him how to stack four dice on top of each other, then four dice on top of that stack. Watch Ramsay’s technique above (along with a bonus dice trick!) to see how you can replicate the move at home. 

And if you want to see Boyd try not to lose his mind over the incessant clacking of plastic on wood, check out how he taught himself to stack dice last year in the video below.