Dan & Dave serve up ‘the finest close-up pad ever made’

January 9, 2018

It’s pretty cheeky to declare one of your own products as the finest of its kind, but it’s hard to argue that Dan & Dave’s Magic Surface, Limited Edition isn’t exactly that. These things are gorgeous, made with exotic woods and colorways handcrafted to order. If you’re looking for something to really class up your close-up, this is it. I mean, just look at the dang thing. It just reeks of luxury:

Ok, now for the bad news. First, this gorgeous piece of furniture doesn’t come cheap – it’ll run you a smooth $395. Second, when they say limited, they mean it, as only twelve of each style, black or green, will be sold. Get it now or forever regret your hesitation. 

Buy Magic Surface, Limited Edition, from Dan & Dave: $395