Piff is crashing your television set later this year; show tapings are this week

January 9, 2018

Fans of magic and chihuahuas, rejoice! Piff the Magic Dragon is getting a TV special. The elaborately costumed Piff tweeted that the show will be filmed in Las Vegas on January 11 and 12. There are only about 50 tickets available for each show during the taping, so click quick if you want your laughter to be in the background.

As yet, the special has no title; to hear Piff tell it, the show may wind up being called “To Be Decided.” If you’re curious to know a little more, including some rejected titles, take a listen to the latest episode of The Piff Pod. (Personally, I don’t see how the whole team didn’t throw their support behind “Reptile Dysfunction,” but that’s just me.)

The podcast, which usually airs new episodes each week, is a great way to get a taste of the Dragon Squad’s antics even if you can’t make it to one of their shows. The latest episode features Jerry Kramer, the producer for Piff’s special. The Squad doesn’t reveal many other details about how Piff will translate his zaniness to the small screen, but they do discuss the project a bit as well as delving into some of the stranger happenings during the average Piff show.

Listen to the whole episode on The Piff Pod website.