Manhattan townhouse once owned by Harry Houdini finds new owner

January 10, 2018

For most, the address 278 West 113 Street in New York City doesn’t mean much. But for magicians and fans of the craft, that address is synonymous with perhaps the most illustrious name in magic history: Harry Houdini. And as of December 30, it would appear that the famed townhouse has a new owner.

The Manhattan property currently sits at over 6000 square-feet, originally purchased by Houdini at $25,000 in 1904, according to Mansion Global. It has since been converted and renovated into a three-family home across four stories.

The home was listed on the market back in June 2017 for $4.6 million, and at the time Houdini enthusiast and owner of the Wild About Harry blog John Cox took a trip to check out the interior:

The foyer is beautiful and dramatic. Beverley pointed out that the wood work is all original. The unique lattice around the stairs had been in “bad shape” and were restored. There’s a large mirror flanked by coat hooks. The mirror glass has been replaced, but the wood frame and hooks are still original. Yes, this is where Houdini hung his hat after a hard day of escaping straitjackets.

The last asking price of the house was at $3.6 million, or around $1 million less than the original asking price. Details of final sale price or the identity of the new owner are currently undisclosed. Here’s hoping a magician was able to get their hands on it. Perhaps David Copperfield?