Magicana just posted this macabre 2013 video of David Ben working magic on a deck of cards and it is wild

January 11, 2018

James Alan from Magicana sent us a link to one of their most recent uploads, and I am so glad he did. It’s a video called The Devil’s Playthings, and it is something else.

Some background: Toronto collector of bizarre treasures and anthropological artifacts Bill Jamieson passed away in 2011 at the age of 57. In 2013, illusionist David Ben and filmmaker Daniel Zuckerbrot borrowed Jamieson’s home, still filled with many of the objects Jamieson had collected over the years, and filmed a performance of Bill Simon’s “Call of the Colors.”

The trick itself is an incredibly impressive example of sleight of hand, as Ben is able to alternate dealing red or black cards in single, double, or triple formations at will. What makes this performance sing, though, is its impeccable mood, created by its haunting music, use of shadows, and the macabre surroundings. The end of the video even gives names and examples of each of the sleights Ben uses in the routine.

Head over to Magicana’s Screening Room and give it ten minutes of your time… if you think your soul is up to the challeng