Watch Joanie Spina’s masterclass on performance from Magic Live 2013

January 11, 2018

Magic Live has been promoting its upcoming convention with the release of videos from its archives of past events. The fourth one just hit the Internet, and it’s a moving talk by the legendary Joanie Spina. She was a performer, choreographer, and director whose career in magic began with David Copperfield before she went on to become a solo act. Her many years of professional performance led her to helping many magicians with the movement and staging.

For four years, Spina wrote a column called Directions for Magic Magazine and translated it into a stage talk at Magic Live. This video is her final appearance at the event, and the impact of her battle with pulmonary fibrosis and cancer is painfully evident. Spina passed away on August 17, 2014 at age 61.

In this talk, Spina shares some advice about improving a stage show, but also presents an incredible example of what happens when that advice is put into action. She shows early clips of magician Patrick Thernes, known with stage name Sir Pat-Trick. The then-unknown magician went from poster child of all the worst performing habits to a mesmerizing stage presence thanks to her coaching. To watch the whole thing, head over to the Magic Live video section.

Magic Live 2018 is being held August 5-8 in Las Vegas. Registration is still open, but getting closer to capacity by the day.